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Real Estate

Further strengthen the foundation for real estate business.

Sankyo Home promotes grouping same-divisional companies and build flexible system to accommodate with trends of the time.One of our core businesses is the real estate purchases.We have developed a restoration (turnaround) business that purchases, renovates and resells trustworthy properties basedon a rich network of information about land and properties.We strengthen the core of the whole group by specializing real estate business.

The business results of the real estate purchase

Secondhand Apartment

1Minoh-city「President Minoh B」11Osaka-city, Nishiyodogawa-ward
「Olive apartment house Hemejima」
2Toyonaka-city「Sakurazuka park apartment」12Nishinomiya-city「palazzinaCeciliaNishinomiya」
3Suita-city「Senridai sky apartment house C building」13Ikeda-city「Ikeda Masumicho east urban life」
4Takarazuka-city「Minami Takarazuka view apartment house south building」14Toyonaka-city「Evergreen ground Sone A」
5Kobe-city, Higashinada-ward
「Central apartment house Okamoto」
15Ashiya-city「Rose apartment house Ashiya」
6Kobe-city, Nada-ward「Eslead Rokko」16Kobe-city, Higashinada-ward
「Mikage Sonny apartment house」
7Kobe-city, Suma-ward「Suma park Hills C building」17Kobe-city, Chuo-ward「Sunvilla Shinkobe」
8Nishinomiya-city「Selvio Ⅰbankan」18Osaka-city, Chuo-ward「Apex Shinsaibashi east」
9Takarazuka-city「Takarazuka Nagao park Homes」19Osaka-city, Tennoji-ward「Runup Square Shitenno-ji」
10Takarazuka-city「lavista Takarazuka Estio Ⅰbankan」  

Secondhand Single House

1Kobe-city, Tarumi-ward3Nishinomiya-city

Business Activities

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  • Renovation
  • Real Estate


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